Who Is: Alex Christopher Haager

Alex ahh

He’s not afraid to ask for his own surprise birthday party and will be very clear about letting you know if you got him the wrong present. But, spend ten minutes chatting with this guy and you are going to want to keep him as one of your closest friends.

I met him a few months back when he was looking for band mates to join his latest musical creation, Magic Fight. I immediately fell in love with the music, joined, and now feel very lucky to be in for the ride.  Beware though, he is extremely talented (watch this) and will not give up until his melodies become your dearest ear worms. This, along with his fantastic sense of humor, big heart and lively circle of friends make him a great asset both to me and to the Bay Area music scene.

Oh, he enjoys saying he’s from Florida. Chat him up about it.

Who Is? I want you to meet some of my best friends and inspirations. This is one of them.

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