SF Friends of Chamber Music

A new and exciting challenge arises for me as I join San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music as Social Media Associate. The organization’s Musical Grants Program, Fiscal Sponsorship Program and diverse concert series add volumes to the vibrancy of the music scene in the Bay Area. The upcoming SF Music Day LIVE + FREE promisesContinue reading “SF Friends of Chamber Music”

Who Is: Alex Pinto

Let’s start with Thanks! Alex Pinto! The amazing musician who blessed the Bay Area music scene with his genius for a little over four years. He is in India now, researching Hindustani music as a Fulbright Scholar. During his time in the Bay Area he taught hundreds of middle school students about what it takesContinue reading “Who Is: Alex Pinto”

Who Is: Alex Christopher Haager

He’s not afraid to ask for his own surprise birthday party and will be very clear about letting you know if you got him the wrong present. But, spend ten minutes chatting with this guy and you are going to want to keep him as one of your closest friends. I met him a fewContinue reading “Who Is: Alex Christopher Haager”