Recording at Studio SQ

I recently spent two days with the other Magic Fight kids recording at Studio SQ in San Francisco. Guided by magic visionary, Alex Haager, we tracked two songs that will eventually become the band’s new single. There is quite a lot of engineering talent and crazy gear at the studio. They know what they areContinue reading “Recording at Studio SQ”

Music Video Race

It begins tonight. Can we borrow your white Camaro? How about some hair gel instead? The kids in Magic Fight, myself included, will be shooting a music video in 48 hours for the Music Video Race. There will be pros involved so no fear. We’ll be performing live at the screening on Saturday June 15Continue reading “Music Video Race”

Who Is: Alex Christopher Haager

He’s not afraid to ask for his own surprise birthday party and will be very clear about letting you know if you got him the wrong present. But, spend ten minutes chatting with this guy and you are going to want to keep him as one of your closest friends. I met him a fewContinue reading “Who Is: Alex Christopher Haager”